A-Z About me

A,awesome at horse riding.B,bananas are the best.C,cool.D,dancing pro.E,exciting(some times).F,funny and fun.G,pro at Gaelic.H,love horses.I, love ice-cream.J,love jokes.k,love kittens.L,I love to laugh(Ha Ha Ha).M,I am a monkey my mam and dad say so.N,nerd.O,oranges.P,pretty.Q,quick.R,rocky road my favourite cake.S,silly.T,full of talent.U,United.V,love to go to Venus.W,like to win.X,x factor.Y,young.Z,love to sleep with my ZZZzzzzzz

Who I am online 2


Offline I am an ordinary girl.Online I am a pro at gaelic ,gymnastics and horse riding. First on my avatar I have some antlers because I absolutely love reindeers and Christmas. I also have wings because I would love to fly over the world and see everything. I also have zebra arm because I am fast and elegant (but not when I get out of bed)I have duck face lips because I love taking selfies. On my top I have a rainbow because they are bright and colourful. I am in the sea because I love swimming. I  made my avatar on Build Your Wild Self!

Louise out!…

Hello !!!


Hi my name is Louise I am 10 years old.i live in a family of 5 mam dad and 2 brothers aged 6 and 9.I have a dog called Crocker and a guniea pig called tinkerbell

Something’s you might not know about me

I love football danceing and horse riding

I play piano and also love to sing

my favourite song is olly  murs up

I love reading David Williams books

And I love boogie bloggers my classes blog

Happy blogging!